Manu Blazy

  • art director / graphic designer
  • Singapore

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I started my Graphic Design studies at the Applied Arts Private School Project of Rouen in 1988 and went on further to complete a Computer Graphics specialisation at the Joeffrin Byrs International in Paris, in 1992; Joeffrin Byrs was a student of Coco Chanel. Upon graduation, I was teaching computer graphics modules in his institution for a year and then began to work as a graphic designer for companies like Berger Levrault & Publicis for the next 3 years.
I was also dj-ing and producing electronic music at the same time and decided to switch to a freelance designer basis so that I could optimise my balance between the 2 creative fields; I did so intensively for the next 4 years. I also took a 1 year Certificate Course in Web Design during those years.
In the year 2000, I entered and remained in the I.T. sector for 7 years as a technician/helpdesk for Axes, a French I.T. service company which gave me a huge knowledge and experience in terms of network, security and everything related to computers in an industrial framework and landscape.
In 2008, I left for Singapore to start a digital branding company, Ovo Creatives with an associate. Within the same year, I was representing Singapore to be featured twice in the Sandu Asia Pacific Design Almanach Year Book for a logo & a flyer design I did.
I continued to work as a freelance graphic designer from 2009 in New Zealand and 2011 in Bali for various local brands & artists. In 2013, I began to design a line of t-shirts for Truc, a boutique in Bali.
In November 2014, I was the Art Director & Production Assistant for the Eclipse Festival 2016 in Sulawesi, Indonesia; where a total solar eclipse was fully visible at a 5day alternative music & arts festival. I am also currently a shareholder & consultant of Interstellar Pte. Ltd, the event production, artiste booking & creative agency that produced the festival.


2 awards for a flyer and a logo design, Sandu Publishing Co., Limited